Rabu, 10 September 2008

Male Enhancement vs Penis Enlargement

Male Enhancement vs Penis Enlargement

To some men these terms may seem to mean the same thing, while to others the words "male enhancement" mean very little or nothing at all. When you mention penis enlargement, we all understand the implication, but with all the dubious SPAM that comes to mind we tend to treat the idea with a bit of skepticism. It can be hard to distinguish the truth from the hype, but if you have all the necessary facts about penis enlargement you can make informed decisions and get the results that you are expecting. This notion of expectation is very important since it is crucial to maintain realistic goals when getting started on a penis enlargement plan.

The first crucial step to a larger penis is knowing what to expect from the method that you choose. Do you want an herbal pill to enhance your manhood, or would like a penis stretcher to lengthen your penis, or are you just confused by all the buzz? Don't worry if you are confused because the majority of men can't tell you the difference between male enhancement and penis enlargement. For any man who is looking to increase the size of his penis, it is vital that he understand the difference between what are commonly called "male enhancers" and what is actually considered by professionals and practitioners to be true penis enlargement.

Male enhancement is a relatively new concept that has recently become a common buzzword associated with many herbal supplements that claim to be able to enlarge the penis and give a boost to your libido. There are many natural supplements available and like anything else, there are some that are more reputable and reliable than others. Since all herbal remedies are unregulated by the FDA or any other government agency, it is important to be cautious when choosing a male enhancement pill and be careful to read all warning labels on the package before using the product for the first time. If you are looking to boost or "enhance" your sexual performance we have listed some of the top herbal enhancers. It is important when it comes to these kind of botanicals to again notice they are called enhancers, and for a very good reason; they will give you the temporary appearance of having a bigger penis.

The herbal ingredients found in all commercial male enhancement formulas work in two ways to temporarily give the appearance of a larger penis. The first is by increasing the body's levels of sex hormones such as testosterone. An increase in sex hormone levels will normally give a man more sexual energy and desire, which will result in harder and more frequent erections. The second way that male enhancement pills work is by improving the vasodilatory ability of the penis. Vasodilation is the widening of blood vessels which allows more blood to flow into the penis body. With more blood able to enter the penis body during the erection process the obvious result is a larger, firmer erection. Improving vasodilation of the penis is the same method that pharmaceutical cures for erectile dysfunction such as Viagra are based upon. Sildenafil citrate, the active chemical found in Viagra acts as a vasodilator, while the vasodilatory effect of herbal supplements is gained from the non-chemical, natural botanicals and extracts. The important point to note here is that the penile enhancing effects achieved with any ingestible substance, chemical or not, will only be temporary and will remain only as long as you keep taking the supplements. For men who normally experience relatively weak erections, a strong healthy erection will definitely appear larger and more impressive. So for anyone who is still confused about what male enhancement actually means, the Marines said it best, "Be all that you can be." A good male enhancer will allow a man to gain the best possible erections that his penis is physically able to achieve and increase the body's production of sex hormones to improve libido.

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